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  • Sebastian Sieber

#24 - D365 Project Operations Advent Calendar

24 Days - 24 Articles, Features, Tipps and Tricks. Welcome to the last (🥹) Episode of the Project Operations Advent Calendar! 🎅🏼

I want to express my gratitude to each and every one of you who have been backing this project, both recently and since the beginning of our blog just a few months ago.

Also, wish you, your family, and your loved ones wonderful holidays and a successful, happy new year 🎄🥂

D365 Project Operations Advent Calendar - A summary

Ladies and Gentleman - it gets as cheesy as the cheese fondue over the holidays. The whole blog is named a Journey so of course the grand final is the summary of the journey of the last 23 days 😁

I tried to cover different aspects and features in Project Operations to bring everyone a bit closer to the product.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me for every topic you want to be highlighted in more detail 😊

Although this is not a comprehensive manual for Project Operations, there are additional functionalities that will be addressed individually on this blog in future 😊

Thank you for stopping by! Much appreciated


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