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  • Sebastian Sieber

#7 - D365 Project Operations Advent Calendar: Do more with Project Task Planning

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Hi and good day to episode 7 of our Project Operations Advent Calendar 🎅🏼

Hope you enjoying the series so far and were able to learn something new.

Without further ado, we open today's topic!

7th Door Advent Calendar

People's View

The Project for the Web Integration (PexWeb*) not only enables Project Managers to plan out tasks, assign resources, and establish dependencies. It also ships a bunch of additional, helpful features for supporting the project team on their journey.

One of these features is the People's View. Accessible within the project plan control on each individual project. It's a bit hidden behind the Assignments dot menu:

Project Operations People View

Note: All the data and information in Project Operations and the Project for the Web Integration is targeting the Project level. Information across multiple Projects can be collected at the desired same Project Contract. Resource-related data might be best to catch from a Bookable Resource perspective.

The People's View enables basically exactly that. The Project Manager's view from the Resource perspective.

Grouped by person and employee you're able to see all assigned tasks, how many of them are late, started, or finished. The Project Manager can also use the overview to assign open Tasks to the individual personas or even create new ones.

A totally different way to manage and create your project plan - because all tasks created here will be aligned and part of the project plan itself.

In addition to the initial view - which includes only an overview of the number of tasks, it is possible to drill down more into details. Displaying hours, completed efforts and a more detailed display mode that looks similar to the Project Planner view

Project Operations People View Options Details

Furthermore to the different display modes the view ships of course with different filters on the team members or late running assignments. All including a Group by functionality that enables displaying data based on buckets, the finish date or as here - the priority:

Project Operations People View Filter and Grouping


I like to call it an honorable mention. Actually, I don't have a small screen but somehow it only it never fits my screen 😅

As Project Manager you receive a rough overview of tasks and their status, similar to the People's View. But no massive benefit over the good old Charts in Dynamics or even Power BI.

Project Operations Chart View

But overall the additional functionality in the task planning tab is adding more out-of-the-box value to the product, planning capabilities, and flexibility for the Project Manager.

In some future releases, I would love to see the option for more customizable content here as well. Especially as an ISV and System Integrator this could power up existing features.

*PexWeb is the name for the Project for the Web integrated control in Project Operations. I'm not at this point sure if this is an official name or if we just took it because the technical control is named like that.

Due to the enhanced business processes and rules in Project Operations not every feature in Project for the Web can be taken as is. Some need adjustments or specific handling in the Product.

But overall the goal of the Product Team is to enable the Project Managers in Project Operations with the same features as in Project for the Web.

Thank you for checking in today, hope you enjoyed today's advents calendar, and see you tomorrow 😊🎅🏼


Dec 07, 2023

Thank you for this. Do you know if these is a way to have this view on org.unit level?. That we can see all tasks that all resources is assigned to for that specific org.unit.

Sebastian Sieber
Sebastian Sieber
Dec 08, 2023
Replying to

Hi, thank you for your comment and happy you liked the post :)

The view is only available per Project. So covering Multi-Project scenarios is unfortunately not in scope for this one.

But with Power BI there are some good options to make the data visible. As soon as you want to leverage drag and drop functionality and the option to create new tasks we would reach the area all around Custom Pages, PCF controls and Canvas Apps - depending on the detailed use cases.

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