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  • Sebastian Sieber

#19 - D365 Project Operations Advent Calendar: Revolutionizing Status Reports with the Power of AI

Hello and come join for Episode number 19 of the Project Operations Advent Calendar. Today we highlight my favorite Copilot and AI features that are currently available 🎅🏼

Day 19 of the Advent Calendar

AI-supported Project Status Reports

There is one more controlling option I did hold back yesterday, just because I wanted to provide more details. My favorite Copilot functionality that is currently available for Project Operations - Project Status Reports for internal and external usage.

Note: The whole Project Operations Copilot experience is currently still in preview and may not be available in your region at present day.

As soon the project is in the delivering phase, and the first Actuals are recorded, the Copilot option in the ribbon menu will offer the project manager the Status report option:

Copilot and AI Status Report in Project Operations

The project manager finds two options to generate internal and external reports - in our example, we generate an internal Status report. Just because the internal version covers a project task and financial overview.

The external option only considers the project task summary.

Once the report is created it is available in the model driven app menu and linked to the project too. This approach enables the reports for historical reviews or even snapshotting data during the project lifetime.

A new report control (PCF) has been implemented in the system to showcase the report. The PCF allows the user to print or download the results, which proves helpful for distributing information to customers or vendors.

But now, finally to the report itself 😁

Summary Copilot and AI Status Report in Project Operations

Microsoft Copilot generates first of all a Summary out of the Description, Name, and the base values like Start Dates, Progress, and Planned Efforts. In the top right corner of this, a KPI indicates the small budget for all the included items.

In general, this section serves as an effective introduction to both the project and the report.

Financial Copilot and AI Status Report in Project Operations

The report contains a financial data section that can only be accessed with the internal version. It provides a summary of the financial aspects, including indicators such as current and estimated efforts.

Notably, the AI appears to have renamed the project to Project XYZ in this section - your reminder: always double-check AI-generated data 😁

A visual representation that presents a comprehensive overview of various cost categories such as Time, Material, and Expenses, along with the Forecast and Actual values is shown in the form of a chart. The chart is clustered to highlight the differences between each cost type.

Task Overview Copilot and AI Status Report in Project Operations

The report's last portion presents an outline of the project's task plan. It highlights the primary tasks allocated to specific resources and their current status, which serves as the actual execution plan. By doing so, the project manager can detect any bottlenecks and make the team and supervisors aware of unassigned or unstarted tasks.

The summary focuses on the task overview and their respective topics. It pinpoints the essential and significant tasks while also providing an overall progress update.


Despite some teething problems I really like the flavor the Copilot-powered reporting functionality brings to the table. The visualization and detailed summary enhance the value and transparency of each project delivery.

The addition of a new control for the Status Report feature is expected to result in increased functionality in the future. Hope is there!

Looking ahead, it would be excellent to have more options, such as additional charts and customization features.

I hope you enjoyed today's episode, many thanks from my side for stopping by 😊🎅🏼


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