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Hi! My name is Sebastian Sieber, from Germany and around Dynamics 365 / CRM / Power Platform since CRM version 4. Back in the days I manually migrated business data from an on-premise CRM 3.x to CRM 4. Literally my first task after joining proMX as a trainee. 

Several years later I'm still at proMX, meanwhile responsible for our ISV and Product Development. The world changed, everything is online, CRM got renamed at least a dozen times and saw so many new features over the time I not even started counting. With AI a complete new chapter just started and so do I, with starting my own blog. 

"Finally!" you may think or "Aaah not another one I need to follow" - either ways are fine to me, while you're here to stay!

I want to focus about recent updates, hidden features and everything whats happening on the Power Platform and Business Applications area. Especially with focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations while I was part of the team joining early on Project Service Automation (former version / name) - therefore I hope I can support you with some new information. Because of natural interest I would assume you will find some articles about AI and the whole Copilot scenery

While not annoying my team or coworkers with strange ideas, or from now on you, fitness and powerlifting is quite a big factor in my personal life. 

Super happy you here, really appreciate it! I hope you have some fun and learnings while reading the articles getting published on this site. Please don't be shy to get in contact with me for any feedback, tips, wishes on topics or anything else! 

Pretty sure I will extend this here any time soonish - but for now it should be all set! 


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