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  • Sebastian Sieber

#17 - D365 Project Operations Advent Calendar: Preview - AI-powered Resource Recommendations

Welcome to Day 17 of the Project Operations Advent Calendar and happy 3rd Advent.

Only one week left until Christmas Eve 🎅🏼

Day 17 of Advent Calendar

Resource Recommendations

Today, we try a bit different than usual. We won't look at a feature that is in preview or already available to try out for you. Today we check out one of the announced 2023 Release Wave 2 features.

Receive recommendations for resource staffing - this feature streamlines project managers' tasks by offering real-time insights into a project's status and challenges, accompanied by staffing recommendations.

Analyzing cost, availability, experience, skill alignment, and utilization, the application assigns a score to each suggestion, assisting project managers in making informed staffing decisions.

Resource Recommendations Score based on AI

The hybrid recommendation engine of this feature in Project Operations, powered by AI and heuristics, introduces a new dimension — considering the experience level in resource selection.

The long-term vision involves the engine learning from successful project completions to suggest an optimal mix of individuals based on work nature.

This feature promises to redefine resource recommendations in project management by utilizing the AI infrastructure in Microsoft Power Platform and using rich project and resource data.

Resource Recommendations based on AI

With its (probably) innovative approach and emphasis on learning from success, the Resource Recommendations feature stands out as a possible game-changer in project management.

Addressing the complexity of assembling the right team, and finding the most suitable resources, while balancing common concerns, that new feature might empower project managers to navigate more efficiently and make strategic staffing decisions.

And all that under consideration of crucial factors like costs, utilization, availability, and skill alignment - this makes it one of the most anticipated features for me in the near future.

Keep track of the further development and availability of this feature with the Microsoft Release Planner

I hope you enjoyed today's episode, many thanks from my side for stopping by 😊🎅🏼


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