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  • Sebastian Sieber

#10 - D365 Project Operations Advent Calendar: Project Planning powered by Microsoft Copilot

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Hi and get cozy with the 10th Episode of the Project Operations Advent Calendar 🎅🏼

Curious what we'll see today? Me too - so let's begin.

10th Advent Calendar

Microsoft Copilot meets Project Planning

We already learned how Microsoft Copilot enhanced the process of handling Risks, but today we want to highlight a different AI feature that serves the Project Manager from the beginning of a new project.

Project Plan creation with Microsoft Copilot

Creating project task plans without templates is sometimes quite a hustle - isn't that something AI can do for me?

Yes - it can. Pretty good actually.

After enabling the Microsoft Copilot Preview for Project Operations*, you can find a new ribbon menu on your project form. In this case, we just created a new Project with a Name and Description:

Trigger task planning for a new Project powered by Microsoft Copilot

I would recommend using the ribbon menu only. You also have access to chat integration that pops out from the right-hand side when opening the project form, but the functionality is currently still limited to the three scenarios of Project Plan creation, Risk Assessments and Status Reporting.

The chat integration only pretends that you can actually ask questions about the current data. I hope this will be added soon.

In order to create a new plan open the Copilot group in the ribbon and select Task Plan - it will be available after saving the record for the first time. The generation starts immediately. You also have this option available when the Project is further processed. It will not replace any tasks you have already created. Also extending the Task Plan later on is not a problem.

After a few moments, you will be automatically guided to your new Task Plan:

Microsoft Copilot AI generated project tasks

The results of your project plan depend on the given Name of the Project and the Description you fill in. Other values are currently not considered.

Every Project Task will also have a note attached that it was created by AI. Feel free to remove this at any time.

Assignments, Durations or Efforts are currently not part of the Plan creation but with the Parent / Child Task Structure you receive a valid approach for the type of Project which can work as a template and start the the new project.

As already mentioned, you're able to add, edit or delete any Task in the structure freely - as you would create it manually. Also re-triggering the functionality on top of a project structure will work. Just be aware that Copilot will not consider already created tasks - it will just add its suggestion.

Thank you for checking in today, hope you enjoyed today's advents calendar, and see you tomorrow 😊🎅🏼

*Enabling Previews in general is not recommended on Productive Environments. In order to enable the Copilot Feature, please visit the Feature Control of the Project Parameter setting in the desired Environment.

Unless other features you will find here, the Microsoft Copilot can be disabled again at any time.


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