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  • Sebastian Sieber

#6 - D365 Project Operations Advent Calendar: Unlock your custom Modern Time Recording

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Day six of the Dynamics 365 Project Operations Advent Calendar - Saint Day 🎅🏼

Let's figure out what's happening today!

advent calendar door 6

Enable Time Recording for your custom experience

As part as of Project Planning and Effort Estimation, time recording is the counterpart to the actual implementation and execution of the planning.

Time Entry Grid

Just with one of the latest updates Microsoft provided a new version of the control to track your times. In the current phase, it matches the functionality with the current available one but the technology approach on the back-end got changed to the latest state of the art.

Current experience

time entry grid Project operations

New experience

modern time entry grid project operations

How to activate the modern control

To enable the new control, proceed to the customization level on the Time Entry table. With the latest Project Operations version you will be able to see both versions aligned in the controls section:

activate modern time entry grid

There is no need to add additional values in the details, just tick the Web option for activation.

Publish all customizations and you're good to go for the modern experience. And let me know if you have an alternative to the legacy solution view - please let me know! 😅

In case you don't see the modern experience after publishing check the control options on the top right menu;

change control in shown as

and switch manually to the modern grid

change control in shown as

How to display custom information?

We all have been there. A client requests a specific column to be displayed in an out-of-the-box control but the control can not be extended easily or at all. So a small requirement becomes a close to an impossible challenge.

Luckily, the Time Entry Grid columns in Project Operations are based on the chosen view. Simple as that!

System View with costum columns

custom column in time entry grid

The end user can choose between the system and their own views.

add user specific columns

And yes, also the view's filter criteria will be overtaken 😎

A quick tip: Don't remove the out-of-the-box duration column from any of the views. The information is not displayed in the grid itself but is required to display the values in the related weekday of the grid.

Copying Time Records and their customer-specific logic

When adding custom values to your time entry grid, you might as well want them mapped and considered during the out-of-the-box copy process.

As simple as displaying the data copying is not more complicated. The only difference, the system distinguishes between a display view and a copy view:

  • My Time Entries to Copy: displays the columns for the Copy Week dialog

  • Copy Time Entries Columns: all added columns of this view will be copied during the process

copy week dialog in project operations

Copied time entry records

copied time entry records

This allows to display of only important data for the end user to the Copy Week dialog while still maintaining full data integrity.

We don't have the option of personal views here, copying is handled via these two views.

Thank you for checking in today, hope you enjoyed today's advents calendar, and see you tomorrow 😊🎅🏼


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