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  • Sebastian Sieber

Let's meet at Dynamics 365 CX Summit 2023!

From June 23-24th the Dynamics 365 CX Summit 2023 happens in Brussels, Belgium. I have the pleasure to have right two sessions on Saturday after the Bootcamps happens on Friday.

Find more information on the event website

If you already planned to join this in person event, let me definitely know if you're interested to meet. I'm around the whole day and super happy to catch any chat!

For everyone else who has not the chance to attend I want to provide a small overview on the sessions and the chance to leave a quick comment which of these topics you would like to see in the next weeks as in-depth article

24th June, 11:00 - Find the perfect match - How to leverage Resource staffing capabilities in Dynamics 365 Project Operations

We will talk about the most common requirements on Resource Staffing and Scheduling and how we can achieve that in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations. Presenting some of the core scheduling features and explanations why it is perhaps complex and you need to set up a design in the first place.

You will get more insights from recent projects and extensions to provide you an idea how your requirements could take place in your environment.

24th June, 16:00 - Migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations - A complete Guide and Walkthrough

In the second session of the day we will highlight and go through everything you need to know about the Migration from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations. Including a your pre- and post task overview for the upgrade and a checklist to consider before you start.

Even tho including a demo to see all the steps live in action.

Of course both sessions are meant to be interactive and you can always ask questions and we can discuss.

Would be great to see some of you in person, and definitely let me know which topic you want to see as an in-depth article here on the website

Which of the sessions you want to see as an in-depth article?

  • Resource Staffing and Scheduling on D365 Project Operations

  • Migration from D365 PSA to D365 Project Operations


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