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  • Sebastian Sieber

How to Approve every Time Entry and Expense - Project Approver Admin

Whether you're on the end-user or the consultant/expert side of Dynamics 365 Project Operations, there are not a lot any other messages you read more often than:

"You are not a valid approver for: d5c81314-[..]"

Meme about Approval Error

Shouldn't there be something to bypass the approval quality gates?

To cover exceptions from pre-defined Microsoft rules?

In order to introduce new, customer-specific quality gates?

For introducing a workaround when the Project Manager, who is already on vacation (again), forgot to approve last month's time recordings and didn't nominate a substitute?

Without the need to rebuild fractions of the whole, already given out-of-the-box, processes?

Let me introduce to you - Project Approver Admin

With an additional security role, the product group added a way to detour the approval policies and logic.

Once the Role of Project Approver Admin is granted to your User or Team, it will be possible for you to approve any approval record in the environment.

Assumed you didn't introduce any custom logic, with new quality gates, already. All custom logic won't be affected here. The security role only allows to bypass the out-of-the-box regulations.

I didn't pay much attention to security roles lately, therefore this lovely and much-needed update kinda slipped under my fingers.

But now, I'm more than happy to see such an extension to the already improved modern approvals.

Let me know if this is also new to you, or if you were already aware of the security role 😁


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